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DISCOGRAPHY: Tomorrow's Past

Recorded May 24 and 25, 2012 in Studio A at Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA. Released on CD Dec. 12, 2012.
Giovanni Moltoni (guitar), Greg Hopkins (trumpet), Fernando Huergo (bass), Bob Tamagni (drums)

Giovanni Moltoni: Tomorrow’s Past May 30, 2013 By George W. Harris Italian guitarist Giovanni Moltoni has put out an impressive session that has a feel similar to the classic Chet Baker sessions of the late 50s. The light and buoyant lyricism of pieces like “Just a Thought” and “Green Line” lifted up by the bright and pungent trumpet of Greg Hopkins, who gives a West Coast Coolness to the session. Rounded out with Fernando Huergo/b and Bob Tamagni/dr, the quartet can get a bit linear and tangential as well, as Moltoni’s sandy toned six strings veers around the corners on “Falling” and ”Prosser’s Waltz.” An oblique “Two Blues” shows how 50s melody and 21st Century harmonies can subsist together just like a gelateria being juxtaposed with the Pantheon. Bella! 

Giovanni Moltoni: Tomorrow's Past
Giovanni Moltoni 

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youtube links:

01 - Just a Thought - YouTube

02 - Watch Your Back - YouTube
03 - Tomorrow's Past - YouTube
04 - Green Line - YouTube
05 - Dream Catcher - YouTube
06 - Falling - YouTube

07 - Prosser's Waltz - YouTube

08 - Think Again - YouTube

09 - Two Blues - YouTube




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