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Online Music lessons

Private Lessons/Lectures:

Private Lessons in Improvisation, Guitar, Ear Training, Harmony and Composition are available in person or online. The lessons are in English, but I also speak Italian if you are from Italy. Please use the link below to contact me for more info.

If you are too far away, or you just want to avoid the commute, with a good internet connection it is possible to study remotely very succesfully. All you will need is a simple setup with  a wired, Zoom or skype ready computer, and a pair of small desktop speakers.

Private lessons are specifically tailored to the student's request.

Some of my students prefer a combination of different subjects to improve overall musicianship, or to get ready for music school, while others, sometimes after music school, request to focus on one subject exclusively, like improvisation or guitar, to improve specific professional skills.

Aside from Guitar and Composition lessons, my specialty is the performance and application of advanced harmonic concepts in improvisation. I teach all melodic instruments privately. A reasonable knowledge of the instrument of choice is required to start improv lessons.


The art of music improvisation


Ear Training

Harmony & composition


Free lessons material & downloads

Theory Harmony review notes

Music paper pdf

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