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The Journal of Roots Music No Depression

Live albums can either be catch electricity in the air or go down in flames depending on the performer and setting. Thankfully, Italian guitarist/composer Giovanni Moltoni doesn't have Just Another Night on his latest album. Recorded live in a club, Moltoni is at the top of his game, his bluesy, atmospheric playing beautifully suited for such an intimate setting. Moltoni is a highly talented musician whose performances touch the mind and heart. The nine tracks on Just Another Night are unique and lovely. "Best Hope" has a light melody which is relaxing to the soul. Virtuoso playing is pretty much evident in this cut, and you could go head over heels with Moltoni's solos. “Think Again” is a bit heavy and bass-centered at first. It has a mellow but dark melody, playing with your ability to convey emotions. The song has plenty of grit and displays Moltoni's ability to challenge and stimulate the intellect. The breezy “Two Blues" can be considered as one of the moments on the album. Moltoni delivers an engaging, energetic performance that blurs the line between jazz and the blues. For fans of either genre, Just Another Night is both incredible and stunning. The level of technique used in each track boasts a high degree of difficulty and precision. However, just as important is the amount of passion that Moltoni unleashes here.  by Stacey Zering - May 26, 2017 interview

August 28, 2016

By: Robert Steven Silverstein

Born in Italy—and living for years in the Boston area and long on the faculty at Berklee school of music—on Just Another Night Giovanni is in fine form, caught live in concert with his trio. It seems that what ever group of musicians Giovanni records with, he always seems to be able to bring out the best performances from his players. Jazz purists will love Just Another Night, and guitar fans will marvel at Giovanni's fretboard skills in this trio setting. As this nine song CD proves, the intimate and choice setting of the live stage makes Just Another Night the perfect way to tune into the timeless, long-standing jazz guitar sounds of Giovanni Moltoni. May 30, 2013

Giovanni Moltoni: Tomorrow’s Past

May 30, 2013

By George W. Harris

Italian guitarist Giovanni Moltoni has put out an impressive session that has a feel similar to the classic Chet Baker sessions of the late 50s. The light and buoyant lyricism of pieces like “Just a Thought” and “Green Line” lifted up by the bright and pungent trumpet of Greg Hopkins, who gives a West Coast Coolness to the session. Rounded out with Fernando Huergo/b and Bob Tamagni/dr, the quartet can get a bit linear and tangential as well, as Moltoni’s sandy toned six strings veers around the corners on “Falling” and ”Prosser’s Waltz.” An oblique “Two Blues” shows how 50s melody and 21st Century harmonies can subsist together just like a gelateria being juxtaposed with the Pantheon. Bella! Mar. 2013

Tomorrow's Past
(C# Music Productions)


One of the top jazz guitarists on the world stage, Boston-based Giovanni Moltoni has a solid reputation for making great albums and his best yet is the 2013 CD release of Tomorrow’s Past. Moltoni has roots in Italy but he grew up in the US and his reputation in and around the Berklee School Of Music is legendary. Now a professor at Berklee, he recorded Tomorrow’s Past mid 2012 in studio A at Berklee. On Tomorrow’s Past, Moltoni has chosen a fine band with the rhythm section of Fernando Huergo (bass) and Bob Tamagni (drums) given a unique sound thanks to the inclusion of trumpeter Greg Hopkins, who’s tone is somewhat similar to flugelhorn master Kenny Wheeler. Moltoni’s nimble, fluid electric guitar sound accompanied by the stately horn sound of Hopkins yields some impressive sonic results. Tomorrow's Past is one of the great guitar-based instrumental jazz albums of 2013. Robert Silverstein

Read the interview here:

-Robert Silverstain Apr. 2013

Doug Collette

April 04, 2013

Giovanni Moltoni/Tomorrow’s Past (C#2 Music): Giovanni Moltoni uses his guitar as something of a conductor's wand on Tomorrow's Past, as often as not utilizing the instrument to set the stage for accompanying instruments such as Greg Hopkins' trumpet, which then recedes into the background to, in turn, form a backdrop for his colleagues. The leader’s deferential approach thus makes his own solo interludes that much more welcome, ultimately creating an integrated sound-scape where the album plays like a single piece of music. Apr. 2013

The Jazz Word

Friday, April 5, 2013

Giovanni Moltoni - Tomorrow's Past

Tomorrow's Past is a soulful, mellow quartet recording from guitarist and composer Giovanni Moltoni. With a light, finger-style approach, Moltoni utilizes chord clusters and nimble lines to create a unique, at times bluesy improv style. Trumpeter Greg Hopkins fits perfectly into Moltoni's vision, soloing with warmth and assurance on standout tunes such as "Prosser's Waltz" and "Two Blues." Electric bassist Fernando Huergo and drummer Bob Tamagni provide intuitive groundwork. Huergo's harmonics-laced solo at the beginning of "Think Again" is noteworthy.

Just Jazz Guitar Feb. 2009

Italian guitarist and Berklee Professor, Giovanni Moltoni, has released an album entitled 3 of his original compositions plus one tune from the trumpet player that is as compositionally interesting as they are pleasant to listen to. Moltoni and his trumpeter, bassist and drummer are all sensitive to each other nuances. Dr. Joe Barth
-Bob Karlovits

The Vancouver Sun Jan. 2009

Boston's Berklee College of Music has always been a Mecca for young jazz musicians, and small wonder with guitarist-composer Giovanni Moltoni among the faculty. -Josh Rager

Pittsburgh Tribune Jan 2009

"3" is comforting in his quiet grace.
-Bob Karlovits


Giovanni Moltoni has put together a quartet (along with Greg Hopkins/t, Fernando Huergo/b and Bob Tamagni/dr) that is big on explorative lyricism and intriguing rhythms. Moltoni mixes his wiry and warm guitar with subdued synth sounds to create a soothing sound that coalesces well with Hopkins’ demur and dusky trumpet.
An excellent mix of improvising within the context of creative compositions.
-George W. Harris

Jazz Chicaco Dec. 2008

Backed by his usual live group of the last two years, Moltoni pairs his guitar with synth to create an inviting musical landscape. Trumpeter Greg Hopkins is his primary melodic counterpart, while electric bassist Fernando Huergo and drummer Bob Tamagni sparkle as a rhythm section. Not to say Huergo doesn't add to the harmonies with his active and melodic riffing.
Moltoni’s guitar swims like rippling waves through the warm synth washes, while Hopkins, Huergo and Tamagni complement the aura with their sensitive approach to making music. Huergo even mirrors his leader’s smooth shimmer on his bass at times. -Brad Walseth

All-about-Jazz – Dec. 2008

Off the beaten path is one way to describe Giovanni Moltoni's music. Interesting and pleasure-filled are two others.
The guitar and synth are blended, creating an elegant, but haunting sound. "Once More" captures that combination from the start. After a guitar solo, the trumpet comes in. Tamagni emphasizes all the right points, while Huergo freely expresses the bass line. -Woodrow Wilkins


20th Century Guitar Magazine - Dec. 2008

Moltoni's most appealing album yet... A stunning display of sonic guitar atmospherics.

-Robert Silverstain

All about Jazz - Dec. 2008

With his third release as a leader, he communicates an affinity for keen compositional prowess...A refreshing and appealingly articulated endeavor.

- Glenn Asterita "Mystery Box" Song of the day. Dec. 2008

"Giovanni Moltoni and his crew ride a slow-burning, spooky groove, layering much texture and nuance along the way. The unison lines between Moltoni's guitar and Greg Hopkins's trumpet are beautiful in their simplicity. Moltoni's harmonically open guitar/synth arpeggios seem to ask their own questions, to which both Hopkins and bassist Fernando Huergo supply endless commentary."

-Mark Salesky "While we wait" - Dec. 2008

The interplay between the two is reassuringly calm and is melodic music that demanding jazz fans and curious bystanders alike will appreciate.

-Walter Kolosky - Dec 2008

Giovanni Moltoni releases his most creative recording to date with “3” an album containing a stimulating modern approach to jazz. The repertoire is all original and highly imaginative performed by an unusual quartet of sounds. Giovanni Moltoni’s “3” is a testament not so much to the guitarist’s chops on the strings but to his talents as a composer that makes the music on this album challenging and truly entertaining.

-Edward Blanco

Midwest Records - Dec 2008

A nice set of boundary pushing work, Moltoni likes to get to he heart of the matter in a quick, stylish manner. A tasty jazz guitar outing throughout that never takes the easy way out while not making itself a challenge to listen to.

-Chris Spector

JazzTimes - March 2004

CD, Openground. Moltoni's often-inventive original compositions provide a forum for his progressive harmonies, which he desribes as airy and open... Moltoni's music, it's creative and frequently infectious, a treat for the heart and mind alike.

- Jim Ferguson

Boston Globe

Interview with Giovanni Moltoni. Moltoni's music (he composed all nine tunes on the CD) is soothing without being treacly or trite, and reminiscent of the moody, ethereal virtuosity popularized by the German label ECM in the 1970s. Anyone who checks out Openground will likely be glad he did.
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- Bill Beuttler



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